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Flick Widgets: Using gestures to launch apps

August 1, 2012

Using hand movements or gestures is one of the coolest ways to interact with your phone or tablet. As technology continuously evolves, sophisticated circuit boards and powerful sensors are also being added to the latest devices.  Even though you sport a not-so-latest mobile phone, you can still take part in the motion gesture revolution as long as your device has a built-in sensor.

Many applications on the Google Play Store cater to gesture control functions (for example, using motion and gestures to launch apps). Two fine examples are the Brightness Motion app and the InvisiBright app, both of which can help users toggle between different sets of brightness levels on their phone’s screen using only motion gestures.  Based on the same principle of motion-based controls, Flick Widgets is another promising application that has also been tailored to deliver the same experience.

Compared to Brightness Motion, which is only limited to controlling the brightness of your phone, Flick Widgets lets users control as many as four different applications on their phone, with each application being launched using a different set of gestures. Just like Brightness Motion, Flick Widgets also uses your phone’s accelerometer in order to be activated.

Flick Widgets is simple and easy to use. To launch an application using motion gesture, users will only need to configure a single application with the corresponding gesture of their choice. As of now, the app only supports four slots but we’re hoping that more slots will be added on the list in the later updates. The four slots can only be filled with three applications namely the Volume panel, Brightness settings, and Contacts.

The Volume panel contains all the general notification volume settings and alarm volumes that you can set to configure your phone. Brightness is used to toggle auto-brightness and other sets of features. Opening the People application will give users the ability to access their favorite contacts with the use of gestures. Unlike the Volume panel which is limited to a single customization, the Contact feature can be customized in numerous ways, such as using it to display a Contact card/badge, show Direct Dialing or Direct Messaging, or show the Full Contact information every time you use gestures.

On the app’s main screen you’re presented with four slots where you can adjust the Flick Sensitivity. Once all the parameters have been set accordingly, all you need to do is flick your device to the specified direction to launch the application. In the app’s Settings, you can find toggles for auto-starting the application every time your device reboots, learn more about your phone’s status of the activated gesture, or set the app to vibrate every time you flick.

Whether or not you own the latest device that supports Face Unlock or hand gestures, Flick Widgets is the ultimate tool to turn your phone into a hands-free device. So, if you are looking for a way to instantly control your Android device without having to fiddle with it, then Flick Widgets is just the application you need.

You can download Flick Widgets absolutely free from the Google Play Store.