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Flexible displays: LG Z, Galaxy Note 3 Active to be the first, reports indicate

Smartphones with flexible displays are reportedly coming soon, including the LG Z and a special Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active.
October 2, 2013
lg flexible display oled

New reports from South Korean media indicate that the first Android smartphones to feature a flexible display will be the LG Z and a special Galaxy Note 3 Active version.

These devices will be unveiled in the coming weeks, and it’ll be interesting to see whether LG or Samsung will become the first company in the world to use such a display for a mobile device.

DDaily says that Samsung will beat LG when it comes to announcing a flexible display smartphone, with a special Galaxy Note 3 Active announcement planned for next week. The news comes directly from Samsung, which spilled the beans on this Galaxy Note 3 model during an interview with reporters discussing the company’s Q3 2013 financial results. Other details about the handset were not provided.

But the LG Z or Z1, as it’s called by ZDNet Korea, will also become official this month.

The publication has more details about the device, which is said to have a banana-like fixed shape (see concept image below). The display will be bendable to some extent, but the curvature will be permanent if this report is to be believed.

LG Z Concept

The curved display will apparently be better suited for enjoying movies and games, and the curvature of the display will fit the form of the face during phone calls.

Interestingly though, it’s only the display that will be slightly flexible, as internal components such as the battery are apparently not designed to be bent.

The LG Z is said to have a 6-inch Full HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and LTE-A support.

Obviously one of the other expected benefits of such phones would be increased durability, so we’re certainly looking forward to see whether flexible displays will increase a phone’s impact resistance, or whether the race to launch such devices is just another “marketing gimmick” for now.

We’ll be back with more official details about these rumored LG Z and Galaxy Note 3 Active models in the coming days, as we’ll be looking forward to see these two giants announce their first handsets with flexible displays.