When it comes to the idea of flexible smartphones or wearable electronics, you have to remember that in order for everything to work all components must be truly flexible as well. While we’ve already seen demonstrations of flexible displays, it seems that Professor Keon Jae Lee from the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has also created a flexible battery that can be folded, bent and distorted in a variety of ways without losing any of its energy or ability to maintain a charge.

Apparently, these lith-ion batteries are actually made by printing them onto special film. This new technology could truly lead to many new types of flexible devices, though there has been no official talk about commercial adoption for the battery tech, at least not yet.

Considering Samsung’s previous ambitions in the flexible field, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Korean-based company reaches out to Professor Keon Jae Lee and attempts to work out some kind of deal. Who knows, it could be only a matter of time before a bendable Samsung Galaxy hits the scenes. At least if such an event does occur, they finally won’t be accused of copying Apple this time around.

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