galaxy gear fleksy keyboard

Fleksy is putting a keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy Gear so you can take notes on the tiny screen instead of the gigantic Galaxy Note 3 it’s probably paired to.

The Fleksy keyboard is already available on the Omate TrueSmart smartwatch, which the developer says makes the Omate the first “smartwatch 2.0.” Perhaps that will make the Galaxy Gear the second smartwatch 2.0, as the company is showing off its keyboard on Samsung’s wearable at CES. And with the new Fleksy Wearable SDK, any manufacturer can bring a keyboard to their wearables.

A video demo of the keyboard running on the Galaxy Gear shows someone typing on the tiny screen of the smartwatch with one finger. Because of the Fleksy keyboard’s predictive text the keyboard looks relatively easy to use, and pretty accurate. At least the keyboard correctly guessed what words the user in the video wanted to type.

Aside from the actual typing of words, everything on the Fleksy keyboard on the Galaxy Gear is done through gestures. A swipe to the right selects a word to autocomplete, a swipe to the left deletes, and a swipe down changes punctuation marks. For those who are really confident in typing on the tiny screen, there’s an invisible keyboard mode that lets you see the entire tiny note on screen without the keyboard taking up half the display.

The Fleksy keyboard seems like an easy way to type on the Galaxy Gear, or any other smartwatch, but the question is: why would you want to? It’s maybe good for short notes, but there’s no way to send messages from the Galaxy Gear, which seems like the best use case scenario. For everything else, it seems easier to just take out your Galaxy Note 3 and take notes with the S Pen. That is why anyone buys such a gigantic phone, isn’t it?

Do you see yourself using the Fleksy keyboard on a smartwatch any time soon?

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