With the long wait for the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we have already gotten word that there are some people who have gotten their hands on the device. If you’re planning to get one soon, you will be pleased to know that many of the first owners of the device have found it all too enjoyable. One reason behind this is because they get to enjoy watching Flash-based videos and websites from the internet. With such feature, it truly is worth the wait; considering not a lot of smartphones are capable of doing so.

Apart from containing the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, the Galaxy Nexus contains an updated Flash Player 11.1 version. If you’ve already downloaded the Flash Player from the Android Market, you won’t need to install it again. Instead, you can just update your current version to the 11.1. This will help you solve bug fixes that your current version experiences on its performance, stability and compatibility.

Unfortunately, it is not all that good for the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. Many users have found some issues with regards to the plug-in. Even with the power of the ICS OS, users have discovered that StageVideo using Sorenson and On2 does not work. In addition, users found that seeking while a video has been paused does not update its frame. Most importantly, the OS isn’t smart enough to prioritize incoming calls. As a result, the audio keeps playing before and after a call has been received.

Last month, Adobe gave news that the Flash Player 11.1 might not be getting a new upgrade. This is due to the fact that the company is already letting go of the department responsible for Flash development for mobile phones and tablets. Instead, they will be refocusing on the HTML5, mobile apps and content.


[Source: PC World]

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