Adobe Air

Adobe Air

It’s a session of good news from Adobe right now. Not only have they fixed the security vulnerability effecting Android devices with Flash, but they may also be set to release a version of Adobe AIR for Android in the not too distant future.

I am often asked what Adobe AIR actually is, in particular by gadget enthusiasts who are not super technical. Adobe AIR isn’t just a catchy name; AIR actually stands for something: Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). So, Adobe Integrated Runtime is an environment that allows one piece of code written on a Windows machine to run perfectly on a Linux machine or indeed your mobile phone. The catch is that the OS in question must have the Adobe Integrated Runtime environment installed. The benefit of this cross-platform runtime environment for Android is that it allows developers to make their application once, but deploy it across multiple pieces of hardware and operating systems. This should mean that Android gets a little influx of applications after AIR launches, but we’ll have to wait and see.

According to a tipster from Android Central’s forums, AIR may become available on 8 October.

[Source: Android Central Forum]

James Tromans
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