image_42Great news for the Android masses; yesterday Adobe Systems announced that it will release a mature Flash player for a number of new mobile operating systems by the year’s end, including Android (Google inc.). A beta version of the software will be on display at MWC this week – and we’ve been waiting so long for it. Bad news for iPhone and Blackberry fans, however, as there is no news that a Flash solution for these devices will become available any time soon.

With regards to the iPhone, Anup Murarka, director of partner development and technology strategy for Adobe’s platform business unit, can be quoted as saying; “We’ve made a lot of progress, but there is still a lot of engineering work to be done.” It is a strong possibility that Apple’s policy of restricting the access of third party applications to lower layers of the OS is a key factor in why Flash has taken so long to develop for the iPhone. Adobe want Flash to run great on any mobile device, and without this kind of access it makes engineering a solution much more difficult. Obviously Nokia’s Symbian and Google’s Android are much more open to such things.

If we get any news more on this matter while at MWC, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.