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Flappy Bird is going down, but the developer is still going strong

The ridiculously popular game Flappy Bird saw fame come quickly and, apparently, go just as quickly as the game is slated to be taken down completely. That is not the last we'll hear from the developer, though!
February 8, 2014
Flappy Bird taken down
As quickly as it came, the phenomenon known as Flappy Bird is coming to an end. After achieving a few weeks of incredible success, the developer has announced via Twitter that he will be pulling the game sometime early tomorrow afternoon. It’s a strangely befitting end to a truly befuddling saga.

The reason is shrouded in mystery. The developer has only specified so far that he “cannot keep” it anymore and that it isn’t due to legal reasons. You can view the tweets yourself below.

Also, for those who may be wondering if it is because he’s selling the rights, he has confirmed that he is not selling the game.

Even with those tweets available, people across the internet have been speculating as to why this is occurring so suddenly. Some think that because the graphics bear a striking resemblance to the graphics in Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros series that it was because of a cease and desist order. After all, Nintendo does have a long and storied history defending its intellectual property.

The popular gaming blog Kotaku reported that it was likely because of the sudden and massive surge in media attention that has driven developer Dong Nguyen to close up shop. They added that he stopped doing press interviews and has stopped responding to inquiries from the media. This seems to be the most logical conclusion based on his behavior.

That said, a video game developer is a developer for life it seems. Nguyen has already been spotted talking about his next project so even if he’s trying as hard as possible to run from the media spotlight, he’ll probably end up right back in it when the new game launches. Let’s face facts, people are going to want to know about the next project from the guy who brought us the unique experience that was Flappy Bird. It personified the phrase “immovable object meets unstoppable force.”

With the Flappy Bird fad coming to an end, this will be one of the last times the following question will be asked. What was your high score?