flappy bird

It wasn’t just a devious marketing trick: developer Dong Nguyen kept his word and removed his viral hit Flappy Bird from both the Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Killing a game that reportedly raked in $50,000 every single day may seem like madness to some, yours truly included. So what happened? Has Dong Nguyen gone bonkers? Did he received a stern cease and desist letter from Nintendo or some other company? Did the hex of some poor Flappy Bird addict caught up with the indie Vietnamese developer just when he was getting used with the highlife? Probably not.

The truth is we don’t really know why Flappy Bird is no longer available for download. Nguyen tweeted he couldn’t take “it” anymore, without specifying what “it” is. Our guess would be the unwanted attention; in the past, the mysterious developer denied interview requests and said he simply wanted to be left alone.

To be clear, the fact that Flappy Bird has been removed from the app stores doesn’t mean that users who already installed can’t play it anymore. The game plays fine and serves ads just like before, meaning that Nguyen will still receive fat paychecks for a while.

flappy bird mario animation

In fact, the game is still accessible thanks to the Play Store’s caching system. If you wanted a last chance to install it, you can try this link, though it will only work for a few hours. After that, there will be probably be tons of .apk files floating around that you could try, though we wouldn’t really recommend it.

Behind Flappy Bird remain dozens of more or less faithful clones, with creative names like “Flappy Osama” and “Flappy Turd”… We’d argue they aren’t worth your time, but then again, the same could be said about the original.

One way to get Flappy Bird we would totally not recommend is to buy a device just for it, like this iPhone “With FLAPPY BIRD GAME INSTALLED” going on eBay right now for $88,988.88…