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Flappy Bird clone comes to Android Wear devices

It looks like one of the very first games for Android Wear is yet another Flappy Bird clone, this time called Flopsy Droid.
July 8, 2014

While the Flappy Bird craze has long since faded and most of the world has moved on, the game, or at least its many clones, still manage to make the headlines from time to time. The latest Flappy Bird clone to attract our attention is known as Flopsy Droid.

The game itself is pretty much a straight-forward clone of Flappy’s mechanics and one-touch gameplay, the only major difference is that the bird is gone and has been replaced with the green Bugdroid we all know and love. While this wouldn’t be enough to garner our attention normally, the catch is that Flopsy Bird isn’t just an Android app clone — it’s for Android Wear devices.

Getting the game is as easy downloading it from Google Play on an Android device that is paired to your LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live. While Flopsy Droid might not be a “must have” app for Android Wear, it at least lives as proof of concept that basic games are possible even on a smartwatch. Here’s to hoping that future games for Android Wear are a bit more original, though it’s certainly a start.