One problem of Kindle Fire is their Memory Capacity, now to manage the memory of your device, eldarerathis of XDA Developers Forum created a partitioning program called FireParted. This program helps you partition your device memory easily.

Just follow the steps below carefully.


  • Make sure that your device battery is charge atleast 60%
  • Backup your device data into your computer.
  • Turn on USB Debugging, on your homescreen tap Menu> Settings> Application> Development. Then, make sure that USB debugging is checked.


  • Kindle FIre
  • USB Data Cable
  • Computer
  1. First, download and install Android Software Development Kit (SDK).
  2. Then, your device should be Rooted and have a Custom Recovery.
  3. Next, download and install Microsoft .net Framework 3.5.
  4. Also download this FIREFIREFIRE v1.1 or later (optional).
  5. Once you have all installed we can now begin partitioning our Device.
  6. First, download FireParted.
  7. Then, extract it to a new folder via winzip/winrar.
  8. Next, connect your device to your computer via its USB data cable.
  9. Turn off your device
  10. Go to recovery mode by turning it on, while booting press the power button until you see the logo turn orange.
  11. When your in the recovery mode backup your data by pressing the backup tab.
  12. Go back to main menu and leave it open.
  13. Then, go to the extracted file on the computer and double click the Fileparted file to start the program.
  14. Next, click the Read Partition Table to see the current partition of our device.
  15. Click the Archive /Data Partition tab to backup your data.
  16. Then, to change your partition sizes click the partition sizes on th upper left.
  17. Next, click Apply Changes tab to start changing the partition.
  18. After the successful Partitioning click the Restore /data from backup tab to restore your data.
  19. Lastly, click the Reboot Device tab and your finish.

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