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Like Threes for iOS? Fives provides a similar experience for Android users

Fives is a new puzzle game for Android users that is similar to the popular iOS game "Threes". Keep reading for more details!
February 17, 2014

Earlier this month a simple yet addictive puzzle game called Threes arrived to iOS, and has quickly become quite popular. Although the game is exclusive to Apple users, it seems that an Android equivalent has now been released as well, under the name Fives.

So what exactly is Fives all about? Game developer Real Casual Games describes the game as a “deceptively simple puzzle game where you match similar numbers. You can combine twos and threes, but not twos and twos, or threes and threes!”

Based on just a few moments of messing around with the game, I’ve already discovered that is easy enough to pick up and learn, and basically revolves around dragging numbers together in an attempt to get the highest score possible. It’s also worth mentioning that the game supports KitKat’s immersive mode, which is always a plus.

Although Fives isn’t exactly complicated or even necessarily that exciting, it could certainly be a great time killer for those moments when you’re waiting in line somewhere or when you simply want to relax without playing or doing anything too complicated.

The game itself is free to play, but it does feature ads. If you absolutely can’t stand ads, you can have them removed for $1.99 via an in-app purchase. To check out Fives for yourself, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.