Not all of us have the passion or motivation to keep on track when it comes to working out. This is why some of us turn to fitness apps. Looking for something a bit different though? Check out Fitocracy.

Fitocracy isn’t your regular fitness app, it is instead a crazy blend of social networking, exercising and even gaming. The fitness app works by allowing you to keep track of your work outs, share this information with your friends and – level up.

As a form of extra motivation, Fitocracy works like a game by allowing you to earn points that you get depending on the specific activity accomplished during a workout. The more you do, the more points. With these points you can level up as a result, and use that as a bragging right to show off to your friends.

Up until now this unique social-gaming-fitness hybrid was only accessible via the web or through an iOS app, but now it has finally made its way over to Google Play.

Fitocracy’s unique approach isn’t for everyone, but its motivational social and leveling aspects might make for the perfect fitness tool for those looking for something different.

Andrew Grush
Andrew is one of the three Managing Editors of Android Authority, primarily responsible for the overseeing of US team of writers, in addition to several other projects such as VR Source and more. He loves tech, gaming, his family, and good conversations with like-minded folks.