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Deal: Fitbit Charge HR for just $125

Right now you can get the Fitbit Charge HR for just $125, a savings of $25. The Charge HR not only keeps track of sleep, steps, and calories, but also your heart rate.
July 6, 2015
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These days there is no shortage of fitness trackers on the market, but the one brand that tends to command the most attention is Fitbit. Thanks to solid hardware and a great app/service to pair with it, the Fitbit has become one of the most popular solutions for those looking for a functional yet affordable tracker.

If you have been thinking about picking up a Fitbit, right now Focus Camera is offering up the Charge HR for just $125 on Ebay in brand new condition. In short, that means you are getting the HR for the a few dollars cheaper than the standard Charge. So what’s the big difference between the Charge HR and the Charge? While both offer automatic sleep tracking, caller ID, steps/calories information, the HR also has the addition of a heart rate monitor (which its name pretty much gives away).

As a Fitbit Charge HR user, I personally recommend this model if you’ve been at all thinking about getting into the step counting craze. Probably my favorite thing about the device is that it is so simple to use (quick access to all your stats at the push of a button) and that it is easy to compete with your friends through the Android (or web) app. The HR monitor isn’t necessarily a must-have feature, but it is a nice extra — especially when you can get it for even cheaper than the regular Charge.