android_logoIt seems like results for Android’s Developer Challenge are finally showing up in developer’s inboxes around the globe. The top 50 winners of the challenge will be published Monday and will receive US$25,000. We have learned that one of the apps we covered here at AndroidAuthority recently has made it into the top 50, TuneWiki.

Jump below to see a few of the submissions received for the Android Challenge.

Geo and Social Networking:

  • sharing of photos, recipes, music, and TV shows with friends
  • emergency situation connections
  • role-playing games

Interactive Web Services:

  • weather, pollen, and allergy info for user’s location
  • publish content such as photos, voice memos

Miscellaneous Apps:

  • personal stock portfolio tracker and alert service
  • phone detective that notifies user if the Android phone is stolen or SIM changed
  • find real estate

[via Android Developers Blog]