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Jason Chen over at the official Android Developers Blog has posted a list of 46 of the 50 first round winners of the Android Developers Challenge. Why 46, you ask? Well, 4 of the winners wanted to continue their work in secret. I suppose they are hoping to get the jump on the market when the devices start shipping for real later this year.

Wouldn’t it be amusing, though, if each of the 4 were working on basically the same secret idea?

Anyway….here is the list of 46 of the 50 winners from the first round of the ADC. Each of these folks won US$25,000 as a prize. Not too shabby.

  • AndroidScan – Jeffrey Sharkey
  • Beetaun – Sergey Gritsyuk and Dmitri Shipilov
  • BioWallet – Jose Luis Huertas Fernandez
  • BreadCrumbz – Amos Yoffe
  • CallACab – Konrad Huebner and Henning Boeger
  • City Slikkers – PoroCity Media and Virtual Logic Systems

  • Commandro – Alex Pisarev, Andrey Tapekha
  • Cooking Capsules – Mary Ann Cotter and Muthuselvam Ramadoss
  • Diggin – Daniel Johansson, Aramis Waernbaum, Andreas Hedin
  • Dyno – Virachat Boondharigaputra
  • e-ventr – Michael Zitzelsberger
  • Eco2go – Taneem Talukdar, Gary Pong, Jeff Kao and Robert Lam
  • Em-Radar – Jack Kwok
  • fingerprint – Robert Mickle
  • FreeFamilyWatch – Navee Technologies LLC
  • goCart – Rylan Barnes
  • GolfPlay – Inizziativa Networks
  • gWalk – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus ten Hagen, Christian Klinger, Marko Modsching, Rene Scholze
  • HandWx – Weathertop Consulting LLC
  • IMEasy – Yan Shi
  • Jigsaw – Mikhail Ksenzov
  • JOYity – Zelfi AG
  • LifeAware – Gregory Moore, Aaron L. Obrien, Jawad Akhtar
  • Locale – Clare Bayley, Christina Wright, Jasper Lin, Carter Jernigan
  • LReady Emergency Manager – Chris Hulls, Dilpreet Singh, Luis Carvalho, Phuong Nguyen
  • Marvin – Pontier Laurent
  • Mobeedo – Sengaro GmbH
  • Multiple Facets Instant Messenger – Virgil Dobjanschi
  • MyCloset – Mamoru Tokashiki
  • PedNav – RouteMe2 Technologies Inc.
  • Phonebook 2.0 – Voxmobili
  • PicSay – Eric Wijngaard
  • PiggyBack – Christophe Petit and Sebastien Petit
  • Pocket Journey – Anthony Stevens and Rosie Pongracz
  • Rayfarla – Stephen Oldmeadow
  • Safety Net – Michael DeJadon
  • SocialMonster – Ben Siu-Lung Hui and Tommy Ng
  • SplashPlay
  • Sustain- Keeping Your Social Network Alive – Niraj Swami
  • SynchroSpot – Shaun Terry
  • Talkplay – Sung Suh Park
  • Teradesk – José Augusto Athayde Ferrarini
  • The Weather Channel for Android – The Weather Channel Interactive Inc.
  • TuneWiki – TuneWiki Inc.
  • Wikitude-the Mobile Travel Guide – Philipp Breuss
  • Writing Pad – ShapeWriter Inc
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