The iPad 2’s strongest contender may just come before classes resume. The folks over at Fudzilla have received tips whispering that Motorola might bring out its latest tablet packed with NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor, codenamed Kal-El.

Earlier rumors have speculated that Motorola may slow down, or even completely stop producing Motorola Xoom by June. The coming of a Tegra-3-powered tablet from Motorola this June just might lend those rumors some credence.

With NVIDIA rumored to start shipping Tegra 3 in August, Motorola may just be able to bring out its latest quad-core tablet in the nick of time before school starts in September. That will surely delight school boys and girls.

Reports count 10 manufacturers that are currently working on Tegra 3 devices. As early as February, NVIDIA had hinted that its quad-core superchips are already shipping to partner manufacturers and told the world to expect the first Tegra 3 gadgets to make impact starting in the fall.

Nobody is sure yet whether Motorola’s rumored offering may cause Xoom’s prices to drop. But, that’s a very likely possibility. Another likely possibility that has been talked about in tech circles is that of the upcoming Motorola device’s possible deviation from the Xoom series.

Amazon rumors have also been rife regarding Coyote and Hollywood, 7-inch and 10-inch respectively, due to arrive in late 2011.

Rumor has also circulated that Motorola’s upcoming Tegra 3 tablet may stay away from 10-inch screen space and, instead, have a go at the 7-inch market, with Motorola’s eyes set on the throats of the likes of Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Flyer, and BlackBerry PlayBook.

Tegra 3’s performance has been pegged at 5 times the speed of its predecessor, the Tegra 2, and is destined for smoother graphics rendering (60 frames per second!) and hardcore gaming.

If ever Motorola does bring out the first quad-core tablet ahead of the others, will you bite the bait? Or will you wait a bit for the others to launch theirs?

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