Motorola DROID X

Rather unexpectedly, as I played around with the new Moto DROID X for Verizon, I discovered that there was an over the air update waiting for the device.  That update claimed to be able to upgrade the firmware from version 1.13.514 to 1.13.516.

Except it didn’t work. The update process is reporting that there is insufficient storage space available to download the update.  The fact that there is over 6GB of built-in storage available and nearly 15GB of microSD storage available is something that it chooses to overlook.

I don’t know what to make of this so far, but I’m hoping to get some sort of explanation from either Verizon or Motorola soon. Stay tuned.

Update: Verizon has said that it was an unintended update, not meant for release at all. Presumably this happened only because I’m testing a device before it is actually available to the public.