Moto X

Motorola has released its first Moto X ads, which focus on two features that have been mentioned numerous times in the leaks preceding the phone’s announcements: the always-on voice-based capabilities and the new camera.

We have already shown you the specs and features of the Moto X, its customization options, its special software features and a gallery of official images, so it’s time to look at the first official Moto X videos:

Entitled “Moto X – Always Ready” and “Moto X – Quick Draw,” the new ads are both very short (up to 30 seconds) and very clear about the message each one of them is trying to convey.

In bots videos, Motorola also reminds you that the Moto X is “designed by you,” and “assembled in the USA,” while showing the various color options for the phone.

Are you buying a Moto X?