T-Mobile G1 wire frame

AndroidGuys.com has received a wire frame drawing from a “trusted source” that depicts the new T-Mobile G1 Android phone (AKA the HTC Dream). Two things in the drawing are particularly interesting:

  1. The phone sports T-Mobile and HTC logos, as expected, but also prominently displays a “with Google” logo in the middle of its rear cover.
  2. The phone is slightly bananna shaped, with its trackball and buttons located on a part of the phone that bends forward towards the user. That sounds great for voice quality during calls, but looks somewhat awkward for navigation.

The rest of the depicted features fall in line with what we have been suspecting from the start. 5 row QWERTY keyboard that is nicely spaced out, the previously mentioned trackball, and the slide mechanism for the display. All there.

When paired up with the new photo that showed up in the HTC Dream’s FCC documents, we can see that this wire frame drawing appears to conform to the 115mm x 55mm x 16.35mm dimensions in that FCC filing. So, it certainly looks like we truly know what the new phone will look like now. We’re just missing the official pics….

Darcy LaCouvee
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