Samsung’s account on Flickr may have accidentally revealed several details–including a clear press shot of the phone’s front side–about an upcoming Samsung smartphone, the Samsung Illusion, which is expected to arrive on Verizon Wireless this September 29.

Upon last check, the photo is no longer available through its original URL on Samsung Tomorrow’s account on Flickr.

According to Electronista, which caught sight of the Samsung Illusion on Flickr, the photo confirms the device’s model number (SCH-I110) and that it will be a 3G-capable device.

Very little is known about the Samsung Illusion’s specs, although rumors and leaks have been mentioning that it will have Samsung’s up-to-date version of TouchWiz (but with a reduced screen size) for Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 3- to 5-megapixel camera that could capture high quality photographs, and a 320×480 touchscreen.

There are also speculations that it will have a 800-MHz or a 1.0-GHz processor, presumably more than good enough to handle powerful graphic applications for those who want to play games and play some videos.

Aside from its new sleek simple design and being technologically appealing, the Samsung Illusion also seems to have been created with some touch of corporate social responsibility. Although not really considered an edge over other smartphones in the market, the new device has a Sustainable Product Certification as a claim for its eco-friendliness.

Verizon is rumored to launch the new Android device this September 29 as an addition to its smartphone lineup. No official word on the price, although current guesses peg it at around US$100 or less on a contract–a good deal for a new Samsung Android smartphone if you don’t really need one of those high-end smart phones.

For sure the Samsung Illusion will soon be launched and we might never know why the photo was posted on Flickr before its launching. Maybe it was just an accidental post–or  is Samsung trying to create publicity for the device prior to its launching?