Verizon Scam FoxTV10

As this site has reported previously, AT&T has been fighting the FCC to not have rules put in place that limit the amount of spectrum that companies like AT&T can purchase in the upcoming auction. At first, AT&T figured that the best way to stop the FCC was to simply issue empty threats. When the FCC called AT&T on its threats, AT&T then pretended to play stupid as if they never made the empty threats.

Now, as BGR points out, Verizon has decided to follow in AT&T’s footsteps and stamp its feet about the restrictions that the FCC is going to put in place to save some chunks of spectrum for smaller operators. Verizon used similar arguments as AT&T by stating that the rules limiting hoarding by the companies with the deepest pockets was “perverse and unjust” and “subsidizing.”

Yes, poor Verizon. They only dominate existing spectrum reserves, wireless retail, and the special access market. How can they survive? Also, isn’t it funny that Verizon is the same company on record as saying that they have so much spectrum that neither refarming 3G spectrum or Wi-Fi offloading are priorities for them?

Why is Verizon even using the word “subsidizing”? Do they realize their history of taking billions in government dollars only to accomplish little to nothing? Just look at the recent news of Verizon receiving billions in government dollars from Pennsylvania and New Jersey only to screw over many in the state with little to no access to broadband.

So, Verizon is absolutely against subsidizing anyone! Except themselves.