Mozilla Firefox OS

Firefox has updated the Android version of their mobile browser today, bringing a host of welcome changes. On the heels of the Chrome update for Android, Firefox has made similar modifications to allow for better functionality, and an aesthetic refresh.

Perhaps the most poignant change is WebRTC, which is the backbone for things like telecommunication in the browser. WebRTC is also something Google has been adamant about for Chrome, which is the most popular browser in the world by some estimations. If Firefox is still interested in their mobile operating system, WebRTC would be necessary to attract developers and customers alike.

Mozilla has also included NFC sharing of tabs, useful for times when you want to let someone in on an interesting article, but not share the screen. With most phones having the NFC functionality, this is a much needed update, though perhaps a bit late. With Google purchasing the file sharing app Bump, and apps like NFC Task Launcher utilizing Bluetooth, it’s reasonable to believe the time of NFC dependency is coming to a close.

Firefox will also get a few viewing modes to choose from, as well as a quick share feature for sharing pages via social media or email. Along with support for a few new languages — as well as braille — Firefox has once again become competitive with its more advanced contemporaries.