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Firefox Nightly for Android introduces Chromecast support

Firefox for Android has added Chromecast support. It is in the Nightly builds stream only for now. Does this signify a delay in Mozilla's Netcast streaming stick that promised to do everything Chromecast could do, and more?
August 19, 2014

There is a large and still rapidly expanding list of Android apps that support Chromecast, one of the newest to hit the list is Mozilla’s Firefox for Android. You’ll need to use the Nightly build version of Firefox for now, but you’ll be able to toss your favorite content to your Chromecast connected big screen.

Mozilla engineer Lucas Rocha took to Google+ to share the news, showing off a video casting test page with a few embedded videos ready for your casting pleasure.

Firefox for Android Chromecast Support screenshot

It was only a couple months ago we got word of a Mozilla built/commissioned Chromecast competing Netcast, designed to do everything the Chromecast can do and more. While I didn’t hesitate to belittle the unit for using the same interface that is accessible from any web browser, we have not seen anything more on the device yet to prove me wrong about any limitations that it may have.

With their own dedicated streaming stick in the works, it may be a bit of a surprise that Mozilla took the time to build Chromecast support into Firefox. Perhaps Google, having unveiled device mirroring with Chromecast, created a setback for Mozilla’s objectives, or perhaps Mozilla plans to use much of the same Chromecast protocols and techniques for their own unit, thus, baking casting abilities into their browser will satisfy the Netcast as well.

 Firefox Nightly Build

To get in on the fun, head on over to Mozilla’s Firefox nightly page and grab up your version of Firefox for Android. You could then use Mozilla’s casting test page, or you could load our latest video reviews on your new Firefox install on Android. Either way, watch for the Google Cast icon and fire that video up to the big screen.

What do you think, should Firefox’s Chromecast support stay in the Nightly build, or should it hurry up and graduate to stable release?