Mozilla has released the latest version of the world-popular Firefox browser.  Firefox 8 for Android is now available from the Android Market and comes with several improvements over the earlier versions. The latest version promises cool add-ons and heightened security, especially for Android users.

Aside from the regular features of Mozilla, the new Firefox 8 comes with built-in Twitter search which can be used to search trends, topics, and even usernames on the main search box of the browser.

The Android version of the browser has received quite a bit of love and attention from Firefox, especially with the the following enhancements in Firefox 8:

  • Password – Called the Master Password, this is an added security feature which allows users to create passwords in order to encrypt saved data or information directly related to the browser. Example would be the usernames and passwords that are saved on the browser.
  • Bookmarks – the ability to add bookmarks on the home screen is another bonus for Android users. This is an evolution that will change how you experience surfing the Internet on any Android handset. You can bookmark websites of your choice and add them to the homescreen of your handset’s Firefox browser for easier and faster access.

With the advent of handset browsers, users not only are capable of protecting themselves better from online theft but also have a newer and better Internet experience with their Android handsets.

Have you tried the latest Firefox for Android?  Is it any better than the previous version?