Google Chrome may have taken over Mozilla Firefox’s place to become the world’s second most widely used browser, but Firefox, now on the third place, still has approximately 25% of worldwide usage share. With such a huge user base, you’d think that PC Firefox users would love nothing more but to continue to enjoy the Firefox experience on their Android device.

This, unfortunately, hasn’t been the case, as Firefox for Android hasn’t really lived up to its name, mostly due to its sluggishness – at least in the earlier versions. While performance has improved with each new iteration of the app, what can we expect from the latest version of the mobile browser?

The Firefox 14 beta for Android, which has just been released on Google Play by Mozilla, brings a new user interface to the app, as well as a significant boost in performance. But the first thing you’ll probably notice as you load it is the new start page. The new beta version of Firefox also supports Adobe Flash now, something that has been sorely missing from past iterations.

Note that Firefox 14 beta is only available for smartphones (running at least Android 2.2) and 7-inch tablets. Those who own a bigger tablet will have to wait a little bit longer to get the latest beta, but Mozilla promises that it’s coming soon.

The latest Firefox version certainly makes it easier for disappointed users to consider making Firefox their primary browser on Android, despite the wealth of competing options. As for Firefox loyalists who love to sync bookmarks and passwords with their Firefox desktop browser, making that switch is a no-brainer.

Have you tried out the new Firefox beta? What browser do you prefer to use on your Android device?