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With the huge success of Google’s Chromecast stick, it’s no surprise that Amazon has also decided to get in the game with a TV stick of their own. The Amazon Fire TV Stick was introduced a little over three weeks ago, and is currently sold out on Amazon for the rest of 2014. The good news is Staples and Best Buy not only both have the device in stock, but are selling it for way under the retail price.

Staples is currently selling the device for just $24, which is well under the $39 that the stick usually retails for. At the time of writing this, the stick is still in stock, but there’s no telling how long will last. Best Buy, which also has the device in stock at the time of me writing this, also has the device in stock and is selling the stick for just .99 cents more than Staples ($24.99).  So if you miss out on the Staples deal, Best Buy is your best bet.

Get the Amazon Fire TV Stick from Best Buy for $24.99

Get the Amazon Fire TV Stick from Staples $24

Are you considering the Fire TV Stick for your streaming needs? Or is the Chromecast still your choice?

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