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What’s mobile security worth to you?

If you said ‘about fifty bucks’, you may be in luck! Hong Kong company FingerQ has designed a number of cases for popular devices which utilize a fingerprint scan to add a layer of protection. Much like the same feature you see on many PCs, the small scanner requires that you slide a finger over it to add a layer of protection to your phone.

The order of the day is safety, and the cases provide that much.

While a fingerprint may seem like enough security, the cases are meant to work in unison with existing OS security. You would have to scan your fingerprint, then use whatever means you use to secure your device (lock code, facial recognition, etc.). The real interest may not come with total device security, but in-app protection.

With the case, software must be downloaded to work with your current operating system and apps. While there is no indication if the cases and security software will work with any app, they do note that each app can be assigned a scan. So, if you wanted to lock down your picture gallery or browser, you would simply set a security level on those devices to ask for a scan before opening them.

The one major function FingerQ is quick to highlight is their chat application, which allows for encrypted messages to be sent to other FingerQ users. Messages and pictures require a scan before being sent or viewed, which can be tedious.

The order of the day is safety, and the cases provide that much. Working in unison with your device, the cases won’t work with another device, and can’t simply be removed to bypass the security features. This makes a stolen device nearly useless, and allows us to better control who sees our important info. If for some reason the device is separated from the case, a security password can be set to override the fingerprint scan.

The cases will be available in July, and are said to retail between $40 and $60 here in the US.