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iPhone 5S allegedly will feature a fingerprint sensor - which Android manufacturer will step up?

It looks like the next iPhone will be bringing fingerprint scanning to the table. This leaves us wondering, which Android manufacturer will step up to the challenge and introduce their own implementation?
July 30, 2013

It has long been rumored that the next iPhone will end up introducing fingerprint scanning technology to the Apple world, and now a new leak has all-but confirmed it.

Apparently a new folder has shown up in iOS 7 Beta 4 called “BioMetricKitUI”, which seems to point to a user interface designed for fingerprint scanning. Furthermore, sources reporting to 9to5 Mac claim that Apple has already completed the UI for the fingerprint scanning system.

So, let’s get this straight: Apple is finally getting a new, innovative feature that isn’t already commonplace in the Android world? Crazy talk!

On second thought, maybe it’s not so new or innovative after all.

For those that have forgotten, the first Android phone to use fingerprint scanning actually was in 2011. Yep, we’re talking about the original Motorola Atrix. So in reality, this isn’t nothing new. Still, it is something that is far from common in the Android world.

If Apple, Samsung and LG really want their scanning tech to stand out, they’ll need to think outside the box.

This leaves us wondering, will any other Android manufacturers step up their game and introduce their own fingerprint scanning implementation? Don’t worry, the iPhone 5S won’t be the only new mobile device packing a scanner in the near future – at least if the rumor mill is to be believed.

Not only have we heard past rumors that the upcoming LG G2 will feature fingerprint scanning tech, there have even been suggestions that Samsung is testing their own fingerprint tech for future devices, perhaps the Galaxy Note 3. Few details are actually known about how either company will use the tech, however.

Will next-gen fingerprint scanning handsets actually catch on?

If Apple, Samsung and LG really want their scanning tech to stand out, they’ll need to think outside the box. It isn’t enough to just have a device that logs in with scanning, it needs to do so flawlessly (which is something that the Atrix wasn’t able to do).

Beyond that, we hope that these manufacturers also surprise us with new functionality such as fingerprint-based secure NFC transactions, easy profile switching and other ideas we can only dream about right now.

What do you think of the idea of a phone with a fingerprint scanner, is this something you desire or do you feel it is an unnecessary feature?