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Finger vs Axes - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Finger vs Axes. In this surprisingly good (and frantic) time waster, you must defend your finger from axes and bad guys!
September 10, 2014

What is Finger vs Axes?

Finger vs Axes is a fun little time waster game where you pit your finger up against a bunch of axe wielding, tank driving bad guys. There are plenty of other games that have this “kill the bad guy” dynamic but in this title you’re using your finger to do it. The developers have also done a good job of keeping your fingers on the screen.

Okay so here’s how it works. You use your finger to control a finger that’s on the screen. Bad guys of all shapes and sizes that are carrying all sorts of weapons will show up and try to destroy it. You must use items, various swipe motions, and some maneuvering to stay out of the line of fire, shake bad guys off, and kill all of them. It’s definitely a unique premise that can be a lot of fun for swipe-happy people.

Along with the core game play, you can also purchase weapons for use as well as healing powers to keep you alive. It doesn’t add all that much into the game play but it’s still fun to see a giant finger dragging a machine gun across the screen. The core game is free and the extra stuff comes with in app purchases.

finger vs axes
Overall, this is a surprisingly good and active time waster. You won’t be just sitting there flinging something every now and then. You’ll have to fling your finger pretty much constantly to shake off enemies and avoid attacks. If you’re looking for something like Angry Birds, this isn’t it. This is way more active. Check it out!