Want to relive those heady whack-a-mole days at the arcade? Developer Tin Planet hears your plea as it unleashes the Finger Army 1942 on Google Play. Gone are the plastic moles, mallet, and the need to waste those precious quarters.

The premise of the Finger Army 1942 is as simple as its spiritual predecessor. You’ll be fighting an army of fingers with – you’ve guessed it – your finger(s). You have to whack ‘em as fast as you can, as they will eventually fight back. Just make sure to avoid the medics and finger soldiers that are waving white flags.


As you make your way through the levels, you’ll encounter different types of enemy fingers, such as the helmet-wearing soldiers that need more than a single whacking. The game will also speed up considerably, leaving you to trust your reflex alone to hammer them down. That being said, it never gets too crazy difficult.

The Finger Army 1942 costs less than a buck to download from Google Play. Hit the link below if you have the itch for some finger tapping fun.

Bams Sadewo
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