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Find My Phone (Android Wear) - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Find My Phone. This Android Wear edition allows you to use your Android Wear smartwatch to find your lost phone. Check it out!
July 15, 2014
find my phone review

What is Find My Phone?

Find My Phone is an application designed for Android Wear. As the name implies, this is an application that will help you find your phone. Since your phone and your watch are connected and always in sync, this app takes advantage of that connection to ring your phone when you’ve lost it.

The interface is incredibly simple because really all this app does is ring your phone. On your phone or tablet you have a menu that lets you configure what kind of notifications you can set and how the phone responds when the app goes to find your phone. You can set notifications, ringtones, and even have your flashlight turn on if you prefer to help you find it in dark places. It’s worth noting that some features like custom ringtones and the flashlight feature are only available in the pro version which will run you $0.99USD as an in app purchase.

Since I don’t yet have an Android Wear device, I made our own Josh Vergara check it out and he can confirm that it does, in fact work. It’s very colorful and perhaps too much so for some people but the design is solid and everything appears to work as you would expect it to work. Thanks to the deep Google Now integration on Android Wear, you can also use voice commands to start the application on your phone. Simply say, “Okay Google, start Find My Phone.” The app will take care of the rest.

Find My Phone screenshot
We are now just seeing Android Wear start to come out and that means this is one of the few apps available right now that can do this. For the time being, this is a must have app for any Android Wear owner because it allows you to find your phone using the connected device on your wrist instead of the old way which was using a web browser. Whether or not it’s worth the $0.99USD for the pro version is entirely at the mercy of your personal tastes but we can’t see a reason not to recommend that too. If you have Android Wear, you should have at least the free version of this too. At least until something better comes along.