Play Store Chromecast

The Google Play Store now features a section dedicated to apps that support Chromecast for those who want to get the most out of their $35 media streamer.

The new Chromecast section highlights the few apps in the Play Store that cast media from Android smartphones and tablets to the TV. At the moment the offering is somewhat anemic, with just seven apps that support the device: HBO GO, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube, Play Movies, and Play Music.

Google also uses the new section as a way to promote the Google Chromecast. The page includes the setup guide video of the Chromecast that shows how easy it is to hook it up to a TV and start streaming content. Google describes the device as “the easiest way to enjoy online video and anything from the web on your TV.”

While the current selection of Chromecast apps is rather small, the number should increase sometime soon. Google is set to release the Chromecast SDK soon, which will let any developer create apps that support the device. Right now only Google content partners can add the Cast button to their apps, which severely limits the choice of apps.

The lack of supported apps shouldn’t scare away anyone who’s looking to buy a Chromecast in the near future, though. Google recently announced a promotion that gives users $6 worth of Play Store credit when they buy a new Chromecast. Technically the Play Store credit is good for anything in the store, but the intent is to give users enough money to rent one movie from the Play Store which they can cast to their brand new Chromecast.

What does Google have to do to get you to buy a Chromecast? Or do you already have one?