If you’re feeling a fiscal squeeze right now, you’re not alone. If you want to keep your financial house in order, your trusted Android phone can help you keep your credit card debt down, streamline your spending and even help you stash some cash for a rainy day.

Here are a few Android apps to help you handle your money better.

1. Mint.com Personal Finance (free)

One of the best tools to use to see the big picture of where and how your money is spent is Mint. View all you accounts under one app, from credit card balances to checking and savings accounts. As you can see from the screenshot, you can even set bill reminders (no more overdue fees!) and even track budgets automatically. That last one is crucial if you want to make sure that you spend on only things that matter.

2. OurGroceries (free)

Controlling spending is one thing you need to practice if you want to save money for more important matters like school expenses or a retirement fund. One way to do that is to make sure that when you go out and shop that only buy stuff on your list. OurGrocery is an app that can help there, and you can create lists for all the places you shop, not just your local grocer.

3. Debt Snowball ($1.49)

If you’re drowning in credit card debt, it’s often a struggle to stay afloat financially when big balances are up to your neck. That’s where the Debt Snowball comes into play, giving you the satisfaction of paying off smaller debts first so that the feeling will encourage you to do the same for bigger ones. What’s more, you can use the above handy app to keep yourself motivated in paying off your loans and balances.

4. Mileage (free)

Gas prices aren’t likely going down any time soon so the best you can do is to make sure that your car’s usage is up to par. Use this app to monitor how much you spend whenever your fuel up. A great feature of this app that I like is that you can track your maintenance in it as well, and we all know that proper maintenance of a vehicle both prolongs its life as well as makes it less likely for unexpected repairs to occur.

5. Pageonce – Money & Bills (free, $12.99 for Pro)

Pageonce is similar to mint in that it helps you organize your finances in app. It not only tracks money accounts, you can also use it to track frequent flyer miles, mobile usage (data, voice and text) and rewards points. One thing you will like about it is the visualizations, which will really help you see where your money is going. On top of an overview of all your accounts, you also have charts for viewing your spending and how much you’re paying for bills and such.

6. Gas Buddy (free)

Pair this with the Mileage app above and you have a killer combo. After all, this is easiest way to find cheap gas, and it’s also free to boot. And as you use the app, you also get a chance to grab a $250 gas gift card.

7. Financisto (free, donate for $3.00)

Another way to track your spending is via Financisto. Enter your accounts and input your transactions as you create them. You can also setup recurring budgets and backup your data online.