Last month, we saw Toshiba’s Honeycomb tablet on Amazon without any details regarding how much it would cost, when it will be launched, or its name. Now, finally, the long awaited tablet from Toshiba has been made official, complete with price tag, launch date,  and name: the Toshiba Regza AT300.

The Toshiba Regza AT300 is a strong competitor of the Motorola Xoom. The tablet is very appealing with its 10.1-inch display with a 1280×800 resolution and an “Adaptive Display” feature wherein you can have better visibility when you are in the open since it can automatically adjust its color balance in addition to brightness contingent based on ambient light. Without a doubt, the Toshiba Regza AT300 will be a powerful tablet fueled by its NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipset, highlighting a twin set of Cortex-A9 cores, clocked at 1GHz. And, of course, it will be running Android’s latest version, the Honeycomb. Well, that’s sweet!

Also, Toshiba Regza AT300 will feature an internal storage of 16 GB plus a SD card slot so you can have extra storage enough room for your games and apps.

The “REGZA Apps Connect” feature will allow you to easily link the Toshiba Regza AT300 with other Regza devices such as HDTVs, laptops, smartphones and media players. Cool!

It looks like that this is good news for Toshiba lovers. However, the bad news is, it would only be released in Japan this coming June. It is still uncertain when the tablet will hit the European and US market. Toshiba only said that it would be available sometime in the first half of this year. Anyway, how is this tablet sounding so far?

Source: CrunchGear