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This may be the ideal shower speaker

What did you miss this morning? A fat shower speaker which can pump out your tunes and make some calls. Here's one for just $20.
March 13, 2018

Got 20 bucks burning a hole in your pocket? The XXL Shower Speaker could add a bit of kick to your morning routine.

Ok it might just look like a big green speaker. That’s what it is. But it you enjoy pumping out tunes in the shower then it’s right up your street.

The XXL Speaker is twice as powerful as most shower speakers on the market, so you can really get a party going while you scrub. The large battery also means that it will be over a month before it needs charging.

Twice as powerful as most shower speakers on the market

One extra little touch is that it’s Bluetooth enabled, so it can also be used to make and receive calls. Perhaps not  many high level board meetings are going to take place while you’re exfoliating, but if you’re a little late for a social occasion then it could help you do a bit of multitasking.

The XXL Shower Speaker comes in four funky colors: Black if you’re trying to integrate it with your more classy decor, Green if you’ve made peace with the kitch value and just want it to stand out.

You may not have been prepared to pay the £100 retail value for one of these shower accompaniments, and Neva Tech have obviously realised that. They’re offering 80% off, so while the deal lasts you can get one for just $19.99. Not a lot to liven up your morning routine.

The deal ends in a few days, so grab one while you can by hitting the button below.

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