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Final thoughts: is your tablet love affair over?

Conclusions and final thoughts: is your tablet love affair over? We summarize the results of the polls and evaluate input from our users over the debate that tablets have seen their 15 minutes of fame and are now just paperweights. Can a tablet be as personal and functional of a mobile device as a smartphone?
February 18, 2014
We still love tablets

We had an excellent conversation last week about the role that tablets have in our daily lives, and how we see ourselves using them in the future. The name of the conversation served more truth than we would have imagined, as there were many passionate responses on both sides of the debate Is your tablet love affair over?

Before we discuss your valued input and emotional responses, let’s recap and cover some of the facts. There was a story on the interwebz that suggested that the tablet was dead – that we’ve used them, abused them and they now sit in the corner collecting dust. The author presented his facts and situation rather well. As a passionate Android tablet user myself, I had to debate. My conclusions were simple, the size and capabilities of any given tablet will determine its future.

In the end, the author’s 8 to 10-Inch tablets and under-powered 7-inch tablet sit off in the corner as he uses his 5-inch phone. My point of view is that his 8+inch devices are just too large to suit his needs for mobile and his 7-inch tablet doesn’t have the power and ecosystem to be effective. Had he a powerful 7-inch tablet, like the Nexus 7 (my preferred table, of course), he may just put that 5-inch phone back in his pocket.

We posted two polls for you to vote in, the first was simple, is the tablet dead?

Tablet love Poll 1

The tablet lives on! With only 17% of you saying that a tablet is of no use I think we can overlook all of the other ways of dissecting this data and just call it a win for the tablet category. I can’t wait to see what new tablets are in store for us in 2014.

The second poll was a little more involved. Although it appears to contradict the previous poll, what we really wanted to learn here is what role the tablet has in your life. I posed the theory that only the 7-inch tablet could be useful as an ultra-personal device that goes everywhere you go. This is where I admit that my Nexus 7 is exactly this for me, it does not belong at the dinner table, but is always on my person otherwise. Back to the point, I surmised that anything 8-inches or larger can never be truly mobile due simply to the fact it just will not fit in your pocket.

Tablet love Poll 2

As it turns out, although the tablet is not dead at all, you do not see it as the same mobile device that I experience it as. 40% of you responded that your phone was enough device to carry around all day, and indeed this result was echoed in your comments. Many responses very excitedly shared stories of amazing ways your tablets have influenced your lives. Some of you simply use it for entertainment, others as full desktop replacements – even though nobody mentioned Ubuntu Dual Boot – but very few tell the story of the tablet that makes them leave all other technology on the table.

The interesting thing is, your votes coincide almost exactly with the tablet use statistics in the February Nielson report. Nielson says that 29% of Americans own a tablet (compared to 66% smartphone ownership), many of you imply that you have a tablet that you share with your family, 29% makes sense then. Nielson says that our mobile devices have become second screens to the TV. Or, the TV is a second screen to the mobile device, I’m not sure – Thank you Chromecast. A majority of you referenced entertainment as a use for your tablets, another match. Check out Nielson’s full list of phone vs tablet second screen stats below.

Second Screen Stats Phone vs Tablet

In the end, we all have different needs and uses for our mobile technology. You have concluded that the tablet will continue to be a part of our lives, and not just as a paperweight. You have concluded that Android has a way to go before it will replace a standard PC for business purposes, if only due to peripherals and the learning curve involved. But more than anything, you proved that our love affair with tablets continues.

Thank you all that participated, we value and enjoyed your input. Do you have anything more to add to this conversation – we love to hear Android tablet stories, hit us up in the comments below. Do you think we got it right, are tablets here to stay or will we convert to just using smartphones as they get more powerful?