It’s been two months since we first heard that Final Fantasy VI was making its way over to Android (and iOS). At the time all we knew is that it would arrive sometime in the winter. Not much has changed.

We still don’t have a solid release timeframe, other than we know it will arrive to Japan sometime this winter. While we know the game will be released outside of Japan, it’s unclear if Europe and North America will see the release simultaneously with Japan or if we’ll be stuck waiting a bit longer.

Square Enix might be keeping mum about when this epic classic will be arriving, but the company did show off its first mobile trailer at the Jump Festa 2014 expo in Japan. While video stream capture isn’t the best quality, it still gives us an official look at what to expect when the game does make its way to Android.

What do you think, are you excited for the mobile-optimized, enhanced version of Final Fantasy VI or do you feel playing the untouched original through an Android emulator is the better route?

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