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Square-Enix bringing Final Fantasy 7 and FF13 to Android, via new streaming service

Square-Enix will introduce a new streaming service in Japan next month that will offer up several games such as Final Fantasy 7, FF13 and a few others.
September 10, 2014

While Square-Enix has long offered many classic Square games on Android, including earlier Final Fantasy games, it looks like they’re about to bring many modern titles to our phones and tablets as well. Recently Square-Enix announced Dive In, a new streaming platform for Android and iOS.

The new service will launch on October 9th in Japan with three titles: Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 13 and the Cherry Blossom Murders.Square-Enix will also add several new titles in the months to come such as FF8 and the Last Remnant in November, and FF 13-2, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 in December.

The streaming service charges on a per-game basis, with a rental model that varies in price depending on the game. For example, FF7 will cost 200 yen (Roughly $1.88) for a 3 day rental, 400 yen ($3.75) for 10 days, 1000 yen ($9.38) for a month and 1429 yen ($13.40) for a year. Since it’s newer, FF13 will cost 250 yen ($2.34), 510 yen ($4.78), 1250 yen ($11.72) or 1800 yen ($16.88 for the same rental time periods.

The bad news, of course, is that the service has only been announced for Japan at the moment. It’s certainly possible we could see Dive In launched to other markets, though they’ll probably test it for a while in Japan to make sure the rental/streaming model works for them before rolling it out to others. Again, that’s really just speculation on our part. What do you think of the idea of an Android-friendly Square-Enix streaming service? Would you pay such rental prices to get your hands on reasonably modern Square-Enix games or not?