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Fin Bluetooth ring shows us how great wearable technology can be

Meet Fin, a Bluetooth enabled ring that turns your hand into a wireless controller.
February 18, 2014
Fin Bluetooth Ring

Wearable technology may still be in its infancy, but there are already some pretty innovative ideas popping up.

One particularly nifty looking one is Fin, a Bluetooth enabled ring that turns your hand into a wireless controller. The little device has tons of potential uses for smartphones, smart TVs, automobiles, and other pieces of wireless technology, and even the future world of the smart connected home. It’s good news then that Fin has recently surpassed its $100,000 Indiegogo target.

Fin prototype
Above: Fin Stage 1 Prototype. It’s hard to believe that the sleek sci-fi design started out like this.

Fin is worn on your thumb, and has a tiny optical sensor that detects gestures made across the device’s surface. Fin is able to detect divisions between fingers and the location on the palm of your hand, making it rather suited as a security authenticator too. The built in Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity enables the user to send commands to connected devices with just a few swipes and taps of their fingers. Simple, yet eminently practical. The little device is also water and dust resistant, and can last a whole week on a single charge.

As an example of some functionality, users could turn down their smartphone’s volume by swiping their thumb across their index finger, or skip to the next music track by swiping their thumb across the palm of their opposite hand. The video below shows off just some of the many uses for Fin:

The development team also has a wider reaching vision to help those with visual impairments, in fact the $150,000 Indiegogo stretch goal will see the Fin subsidised to those with severe eyesight issues. RHL Vision reckons that Fin can potentially help more than 285 million visually impaired people interact more smoothly with technology.

Fin is set to cost $120 when released, although you can currently grab one of the few remaining early bird packages for $99, and could be heading our way as early as July this year. If all goes to plan, beta shipping (developer versions) of the little Bluetooth device should be occurring in June. If you’re interested, check out the Indiegogo page for more information on how Fin works.