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File Expert: Easy Android file management with Dropbox and support

June 20, 2012

Android smartphones and tablets these days are sold with huge chunks of memory, and with all that memory to spare, it doesn’t take long before users try to fill it up with as many things as possible. When you’ve fully settled into your Android device, keeping your files organized can be a daunting task. One solution to keep your files organized is by using a decent file manager to keep your documents, music, videos and other important data in order. The latest smartphones already carry a stock file manager when they come out of the box, and while the stock file manager does a pretty good job in keeping your files in order, it lacks some advanced features.

If you’ve always wanted to have an advanced file manager, then File Expert is the right application for you. With over a million downloads on the Google Play Store, File Expert is one of the trusted applications used by many consumers.

File Expert is the ultimate application for managing your personal files and other resources stashed away in your Android phone’s internal and external compartments. The app is so advanced that it is more than just a simple file manager; in fact, it offers Wi-Fi, Web, and FTP server management bundled into one complete package. If you’re not familiar with applications such as these, then you’ll be surprised that even though it has advanced features, File Expert is still user friendly and even newbies to the Android platform will fall in love with the application.

File Expert boasts tons of options at your disposal. Use File Expert to share your files with your friends over a Wi-Fi network and even use it as a web browser to manage FTP clients to access your files in the cloud. Given the current trend these days, cloud storage is booming and luckily for us, File Expert packs cloud compatibility. Use File Expert to access your DropBox or account. It is so convenient to use that you will never have to open another application again.

File Expert features all the basic operations (copy, paste, move, create, and rename) for your files and folders. If you’ve rooted your Android phone, then you can unlock another set of features made available only for rooted users. Those with rooted phones can remount their /system directory with read and write permissions; you can even gain access to restricted folders and files.

The features that make File Expert one of the best file managing application have to be its connectivity, the ability to manage cloud storage, Bluetooth transfers, Wi-Fi Send, app manager, and an archive manager to create ZIP files or view other compression formats.

File Expert comes in two flavors, the free and paid version. Surprisingly, the free version doesn’t contain pesky ads, but if you want more features, then you could go pro with the paid version. Download File Expert at the Google Play Store absolutely for free, or support the developer by purchasing the File Expert Pro Key Plugin.