Field Trip

Mobile and travel go really well together, considering that location-based tools on your mobile device are way better than paper maps and printed tour guideboks. When Google’s Niantic Labs released Field Trip for the US and the UK, the app received acclaim for enabling users to find interesting places nearby through the phone’s location-awareness features.

Field Trip “speaks” to you and gives you suggestions about interesting places nearby. You can then give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to teach the app which kinds of places interest you.

The limitation, of course, was that Field Trip only worked within the US and the UK. This made the app great for use on local trips and for tourists within the country, but not for the rest of the world. With Niantic Labs’ latest update, you can now literally “go on a Field Trip anywhere” as the app update says, as the Android app release now supports 80 countries and 30 languages.

Going beyond support for additional locations, Field Trip also makes it easier to spot interesting places from your current vicinity, with automatic translation of foreign-language cards, done through the Google Translate engine. This makes Field Trip all the more useful when traveling to unknown places.

This update is an Android exclusive for now, but the Field Trip update for iOS is coming soon. Early reviews say that Field Trip can be hit-or-miss, and some major cities around the world are not getting the adequate coverage they deserve, but with more data and with more usage, the app will likely improve.

If you’re fond of getting alerted of any interesting things while on the go, such as landmarks, restaurants, historical places and events, shopping discounts, art, or other recreation, then Field Trip would be an excellent addition to your smartphone.

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