There’s always going to be times in your life that you don’t feel like doing anything. You just want to lie in bed, surf the web and you don’t feel like picking up your phone. In simple terms, you are feeling lazy. Nevertheless, there is a way to access your Android phone on your browser thanks to LazyDroid.

LazyDroid is an app that gives you remote access to your Android phone. As soon as it is set up on your handset, LazyDroid gives you an IP address and port. Then, you just have to open your web browser and a web-based desktop will appear synced with your phone’s data. You will be able to view your text messages, contacts as well as your files. Here’s more, if your phone is rooted, you can even have access to a remote view of your phone’s screen. That’s cool!

LazyDroid builds a remote server that enables you to link your Android phone to your desktop web browser. Browsing your data and files works like magic. You can have access to all the stuff you have stored in your SD card as well as your phones internal memory. Also, you can arrange and organize folders and download documents and photos from your desktop to your Android phone.

Once you have a new message, there’s a notification that will pop up and your message can be retrieved then. If you want to reply to the text message, you can do it on app itself. Unfortunately, when it comes to calls, you cannot answer a call via your browser. What LazyDroid does is it triggers the phone to be on loudspeaker but of course, your phone should be close enough to you if you want to start a conversation with the caller.

There’s more that you can do with LazyDroid such as remote streaming from your Android camera, create a baby monitoring system, a cheap but reliable security cam or whatever you can imagine. It is amazing what LazyDroid can do, and has a number of useful features.

So, if you really feel like not doing anything, go get the LazyDroid. Makes sense?

Source: Phandroid