I bet if you just hang out at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) all day long, you’ll discover who the latest to get a patent is. In most recent stories, Google is the latest to ask the FCC for permission. However, they have not disclosed what this mysterious ‘entertainment device’ is. All we know is that they got permission to use it in the four major US cities over the next 6 months. This got everyone pretty excited! The device was described as equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. According to GigaOm (who discovered the FCC application), Google submitted the request back in December.

As of the moment, there are unclear details about the device. This is why people have their own assumptions on whether it could be an Android or a Google TV device. But after reading the description of the device, it looks like this mysterious device will take video content straight from the internet and will distribute it across several connected devices. As experts have assumed, this would lessen strain on current broadband internet connections.

Because it is such a mystery, we couldn’t help but snoop around as to what this device may be. As such, a number of theories have been generated—including an extension of Android @ Home, which was unveiled at Google IO 2011.

Another theory is that it is the Project Tungsten, which was only demonstrated as a central, connected device running on Android OS. At the time of its demonstration, Project Tungsten was merely a prototype. So maybe this is the real thing?

All we know, at this moment, is that Google is currently testing over 250 of these entertainment devices in various locations such as New York City, Massachusetts, and Los Angeles. At this point, all we can do is wait.


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Christine Torralba
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