A Samsung handset believed to be the Samsung Galaxy Attain (AT&T’s flavor of the Samsung Galaxy S II) has been seen passing through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for regulatory certifications. The device’s model number is SGH-I777 and has been given the FCC ID A3LSGHI777. With FCC approval, release date for this device should be close nearby.

According to FCC documents, the device carries the GSM and WCDMA radios required to work on AT&T’s HSPA+ network, which seems to indicate that the device is headed for AT&T. Near Field Communication (NFC) capability is also onboard.

As to whether or not the device is the QWERTY variant rumored to be AT&T’s rebrand of the Samsung Galaxy S II, the FCC documents reveal nothing.

A more recent rumor is saying that the QWERTY Samsung handset said to be heading for AT&T is not the rumored Samsung Galaxy Attain. The confusing status of AT&T’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II has led to a new rumor: that AT&T will be launching two varieties of the Samsung Galaxy S II, one with a slide-out keyboard and another without.

Several folks have speculated that the real reason for moving the LG Thrill 4G’s release date from August 7 to August 21 is to give way to the SGH-I777.

Meanwhile, Sprint’s alleged version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, complete with CDMA/EvDO and WiMAX radios, has been given FCC approval last week.

We’re still waiting for more word about Verizon’s version, which we expect to have 4G LTE capability. As for T-Mobile’s part in the Samsung Galaxy S II frenzy, rumors say the carrier will unleash a Samsung device with herculean strength.

Looks like the United States is about to be hit by an onslaught of Samsung Galaxy S II devices this August. Do you have your credit cards ready?