Burst or Continuous Shooting mode is the digital camera’s ability to take several shots immediately one after another. Generally, this feature is only found on higher end cameras, such as a DSLR. However, with the help of Fast Burst Camera by Spritefish, burst shooting is available on Android 2.2+ devices.

Taking up to 30 photos per second (or 5-10 on lower end devices) this app will give you the frame rate of the iPhone 4S’s superior 1080p video capture. Similar to that of the Galaxy Nexus, Fast Burst Camera also gives you zero shutter lag! That means that as soon as you press the camera button, your picture(s) will be captured instantly. Furthermore, you have to be in the app to utilize these features, and Fast Burst Camera comes pre-loaded with flash, focus and zoom.

If you’re looking to take fast action shots at sporting events, or even trying to take a picture of your dog or kids in full stride, Fast Burst Camera is what you need. Capturing multiple frames, Fast Burst will help you get the perfect shot. After taking a test run of the app with Fast Burst Camera Lite, you can pick up the full version from Google Play for just $3.99.