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Tons of children's ebooks land on Android, thanks to FarFaria

April 11, 2014

Children from 2 to 9 years old and their parents are in for a big reading treat as the FarFaria app for Android arrives, bringing FarFaria’s subscription-based children’s ebook service to Android users.

The FarFaria app can be installed for free from the Google Play Store, but you’ll be able to read only one story per day. To gain access to more than 700 children’s ebook titles, you’ll need to get a monthly subscription (US$4.99) or an annual subscription (US$44.99).


For young ones and the once young

Stories in FarFaria are laid down on a map, which makes it fun for kids and even for the kids-at-heart. Stories with the same theme are grouped on the same island. For instance, if you and your child feel like singing a song, go to SingAlong City and select a song that you can sing along with your child.


Stories are also categorized according to reading level, so you can select a suitable story for your child. There is also a Read-To-Me feature for reading a story out loud to your kids.

FarFaria said that over 12 million stories from its collection have been read and over 1 million stories are read per month. Children using the app read an average of 10 stories per week.

Growing library

FarFaria keeps a growing collection of storybooks for children — currently around 700 — about a fifth of which are licensed from traditional publishers. The rest comes from independent authors. Chief Executive Officer Ajay Godhwani said that the company adds 5 new books every week. Godhwani also said that authors of books that are most read by users are also “the most heavily rewarded.”

There are also other competitor apps that offer children ebook services such us iStoryTime, MeeGenius, Rainbow, Scholastic’s Storia, Epic, Read Me Stories, and many more. But, most of them offer in-app purchases for additional stories to read in the app. In contrast, FarFaria’s subscription model won’t need users to constantly pay or buy stories for their kids. Just a one-time monthly or yearly payment is needed, and you and your child can access all the books in FarFaria.

Do you read stories to your kids? Do you read with your kids? Do you teach them to love reading? Do you use your Android device to teach reading to your kids? What apps do you use? Have you tried FarFaria? What makes FarFaria better than the other children’s ebook apps that you’ve tried? Let us know your experiences.