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Falcon Pro pulled from the Play Store, after reset fails to resolve token limitation

Falcon Pro, the popular Twitter client, has been pulled from the Play Store, after a token reset failed to allow more users to log in.
June 19, 2013
Falcon Pro for Twitter

Joaquim Verges, the developer of Falcon Pro, one of the most popular third-party Twitter clients for Android, pulled the app from the Play Store in order to figure out a way around Twitter’s restrictions on number of users.

The app reached Twitter’s 100,000  token limit on Monday, and Verges had to reset the tokens and ask users to re-log in, in an effort to clear inactive tokens and allow new users to make use of the app. Falcon Pro went through the issue before, back in February, and the reset of the tokens did the trick back then.

This time, Verges doesn’t seem too optimistic about the future of his app. As he details in a Google+ post, the 100,000 tokens limit has been reached once again in less than 24 hours, meaning that he will have to look for a new way around the limitation.

The developer warns that the situation could mean the end of Falcon Pro, but hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy one of the best third-party Twitter clients out there once again.

Joaquim Verges thinks that the reason why the token pool was exhausted so quickly after the reset was a landgrab that occurred when people learned about the reset. Also, some users have more than one account, which further uses up tokens.

If you updated your Falcon Pro installation and can’t use it anymore, you can download the .apk file of the previous version (2.0.2). The app is available on Google Drive one (link below) and worked just fine at the time this article was written.