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Falcon Pro receives an update, and a “secret” way to bypass the token issue

A new Falcon Pro update has gone live for existing token owners, but news of the update also hinted at an “experiment” to bypass Twitter's token limit. Have you figured out how to do it?
July 4, 2013

Falcon Pro was perhaps the most popular victim of Twitter’s token policy, which resulted in the app finally being pulled from the Play Store after a reset failed to resolve the token limitation issue. After this defeat, the app’s developer Joaquim Verges went back to the drawing board to try and find away around this irritating situation.

Sadly, I can’t bring you news that the token limit has been removed, but Joaquim Verges has announced that the app is very much alive and well, with new v2.04 update available from So, he’s still very intent on providing updates for existing users, without breaking Twitter’s rules regarding tokens. The update adds a brand new mobilizer for seamless integration of articles within the app, new scaled image animations, and a few small bug fixes too.

So why is this particularly news worthy for the rest of us without tokens? Well as the bottom of the announcement Verges also noted that there’s a hidden way to log in even if you don’t own a token, but that we’d have to find out what it is for ourselves. He claims that this is a little bit of an “experiment” – hmm, very interesting.

People have now had a day or so to figure out what the secret is and how it works, so if you still want the pleasure of figuring it all out for yourself then you should stop reading now.




Ok, still with me?

Firstly, let’s start by finding the secret, you need to download the newly updated app from the link above. Then go to the login screen, press the Falcon logo and a little message should appear. Proceed by pressing the top left, right and then bottom right corners of the screen to reveal three green, blue, and red, squares. If you turn the orange one on (bottom left), you can simply turn it back off by touching again. Finally, shake your handset and you should receive another congratulatory message.

Falcon Pro Secret

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to head on over to the Twitter developers website and create a new twitter app. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds, and there are simple instructions included in the Falcon Pro app once you’ve found the secret, so I won’t bother re-posting those here.

So how does this bypass Twitters token limit? Well, as you know, any app is given a certain number of tokens, so the problem arises when a specific app becomes very popular and reaches the limit. But what would happen if everyone was simply creating their own apps, surely that doesn’t break Twitter’s rules? And that’s exactly what the exploit does, it’s a totally brilliant idea. By having users to create their own Twitter application keys, and in the process their own tokens, anyone can log in to Falcon Pro and use the app without Twitter getting in the way.

Let’s see what Twitter has to say about this.