temple run oz malware

Open content is great, but occasionally you have to weed out the bad apples when they crop up. Well this is one of those days, as reports are coming out that a couple of rogue games have made their way onto the Google Play store, imitating the popular Temple Run: Oz and Subway Surfers titles.

The malicious apps are posing as free versions of the games (although Subway Surfers is free in the first place), but are then linking users to download the actual copies anyway, no doubt installing a load of malware and god knows what else along with it. There’s even a disclaimer at the bottom of the store page stating that the downloads aren’t the actual games, but sadly these malicious apps appear to still be receiving positive reviews, further duping users into downloading the suspicious software.

The games are being offered under the developer named “FREE GAMES (temple run oz subway surfers)“, so if you’ve acquired one of these games in the past couple of days I’d double check who you downloaded it from. My advice, steer clear of any software which was not uploaded by official publishers, especially if it’s offering something for free.

If you have downloaded one of these apps then uninstall it right away and scan your phone using some malware detection software like Avast or AVG, there are lots of decent free ones on the play store.

As always, be sensible when picking your downloads; check the developers and read the descriptions. Installing pirated or suspiciously cheap apps will probably result in you getting more than you bargained for. And just because something is highly reviewed doesn’t always mean that it’s from a trustworthy source.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, covering the latest trends in consumer electronics and hardware. In his spare moments, you'll probably find him tinkering with audio electronics and programming.